Carl Zed and the end of the alphabet

The end of the alphabet is the only place where you can look back and see the possibilities offered by all the letters – from Aardvark to Zygot – and it allows you to ask profound questions like “if Zither then why Xylophone?”  At the end of the alphabet you can rejoice in the knowledge that, with letters, “everything” is possible. So is “nothing”. The choice is yours.

The debut EP is available electronically or if you would like to buy a physical copy, contact me here.

Track listing:

  • Beware the insects
  • A game of one half (without love)
  • It’s a long way from home (Somme 1916)
  • It’s looking like rain
  • I tested positive for stupid
  • On the road by the stream near your house
  • Interleaved with excerpts from Aeolian parc


Carl Zed and the end of the alphabet